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What methods did women use to gain a stronger voice in social and political affairs during the Gilded Age?

After the Civil War, some women called for greater educational opportunities. In response to this, educators and philanthropists established private women’s colleges with high academic standards. Opportunities for men and women to study together also increased. But because most scholarships went to men, women had a harder time obtaining a college education. By the 1900s women had a few demands; they should be able to vote, they should be able to control their own property and income, and they should have access to higher education and professional jobs. But other people thought that giving women economic and political power would upset the social order, and destroy their femininity. Women continued to perform most jobs in the home, but thanks to the era’s technological revolution, some aspects of this work became less time-consuming. In 1870 nearly 2 million women and girls worked outside the home, most of which were single. After the Civil War, women had an interest to join voluntary associations primarily for intellectual and social reasons. These clubs gave women invaluable experience in speaking, writing, and financial skills. During this period another question was raised; how should women dress and behave? Women began to shorten their hair, raise hemlines and wear skirts and blouses that were more suited to their new activities. Still most women saw domestic fulfillment as their chief goal.

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    That is all ok, but the METHOD they used was suffrage. Women organized, and voted as a block whenever they were allowed to. Politics were sharply divided during that time, so any well organized small party dictated the results. (No president between 1880 and 1896 had a majority vote). So women were quietly courted for their support. This lead to even greater expansion of women's roles in politics and the social order.

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    ok, thanks bobpursley :)

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