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How do you spend your money?
- I spend my money on _______.

1. novel books, poem books, essay books
2. novels, poems, essays.

(In the blank, which ones are suitable, #1 or #2? Thank you.)

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    #2 because novels are books

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    2 is correct; 1 is not.

    A couple of alternatives for #1, however, are these, but they're awkward:

    ... books of poems.
    ... books of essays.

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    # 2 is better.

    It would be better to say:

    I spend my money on books which include novels, poems, and essays.

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    Thank you.
    What about storybooks, science books, or history books?

    1. I spent my money on story.
    2. I spent my money on storybooks.

    (Which one do I have to use?)

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    In this case, #2 is correct.

    There are different types of books, of course. Collections that have stories, poems, drama, etc., in them are called anthologies.

    Science and history books are usually (but not always) textbooks.

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