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history/vietnam war

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After the fall of Saigon in 1975, Americans drew very different “lessons” from the experience of defeat in Vietnam. Analyze how the country polarized politically around some of the meanings and “lessons” of the Vietnam War? ( how hawks & doves might have viewed these lessons)

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    To get you started --

    The doves said -- "We told you so -- we should never have fought in Vietnam."

    The hawks said -- "We could have won this war if the country had been behind us and given us all of the military power we needed."

    I've visited Vietnam twice -- for a total of about 4 weeks -- in the last 14 years. I found many examples of free enterprise, even in 1995. By 2007, it was even more evident. Although Vietnam still has a communist system, just like China, it is gradually becoming a capitalistic economy.

    Disclosure: I've always been a dove about the Vietnam War.

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    One thing they differ on after the war is communism. During the war, hawks painted the picture of the Commies coming down to take over the world, and doves saw the war much as a peasant revolt against corrupt politicans, the US (and France), and their lackeys.

    In truth, the Soviets and the Chinese only gave minor support to the NVN.

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