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hey ppl..
I have to write 2 pages about a famous renassaince person. i'm having trouble choosing one. i want to keep the paper short and informative. i thought about choosing Isaac Newton but then i'll probably end up with 5 pages, but as i said, i need it to be 2 pages (2 and a half max). so can you please help me choose someone about whom i'll be able to write about 2 pages? :)
also, any web pages about him/her will be appreciated :)
thanks a lotttt!!

  • history -

    You should find many good ideas in here:

    Famous People Pictures from Elizabethan Times and the Renaissance Era The following Famous People Pictures will bring history to life. ...
    Renaissance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Linked to this was anti-monarchical thinking, represented in the famous early Renaissance ..... In England, the Elizabethan era marked the beginning of the English .... Many people who lived during the Renaissance did not view it as the ...

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