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Which is not an example of an idiom found in "Miss Rosie"?
a. "when I watch you"
b. "[you] used to be called"
c. "waiting for your mind"
d. "I stand up"

i think it's A. idiom is something can't be understood through literal definition (?). like for example: to fall in love. is an idiom.
and D; stand up for something is an idiom
C; waiting for your mind is an idiom because it means waiting for your thoughts
i'm not sure but i think B would also be considered an idiom

so my guess is A. is that correct?

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    Hmmmm. THe woman actually was called that. B.

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    B? are you sure?

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    I think this is a poor question. In my opinion, neither A nor B, as stated, are idioms.

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    yea i'm so confused
    what should i put?

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    Tell them that the question is bad and that both A and B are right.

    Yeah -- I know -- you probably can't do that -- so use your best judgment.

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    actually i will try to do that

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    I'm taking the same exam, I wasn't sure either. Which one was correct?

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