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Hi all i have this assignment,please help me :D
1.The following table presents the monthly consumption (C) and income (I) of 5 families, in Jordanian Dinars:

(C) (I)

290 400
210 230
200 200
150 220
250 450

A) Plot the data;

B) Write the estimated simple regression model;

C) What is the estimated consumption when the income is 500?

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    The plotting and regression-fitting tool at this site should help you:

    Using this site and entering the C and I values in a table provided, I get the best linear fit to be
    C = 0.368 I + 131.524

    For I = 500, this results in C = 315.5

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    I made a mistake reading the results of that Java applet that was referenced.

    The constant value in that regression fit should be
    b = 109.59107,
    which makes the best fit
    C = 0.368 I + 109.59
    Fot I = 500, C = 293.6

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    thank you so much,but i need the solution i know its can be done on that site but the teacher wants to see the solution in details !

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    You will find the formulas at

    The plotting of the graph is also something you will have to do yourself.

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