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Physical Science

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Need help-
1.Eva is in a closed dark room. She uses her arm muscles to turn on a lamp. When she moves her hand closer to the lamp, the light heats her hand. The light bounces off the pages of a book and into her eyes. If this room is a closed system, what happens to the total amount of energy in the room?
A.It remains constant. increases decreases increases, then decreases

2.Chen connects several light bulbs in a series circuit. Electricity flows through the circuit, and all the light bulbs light up. What will happen if Chen removes one ligh bulb?
A.The circuit will be closed
B.the other bulbs will stay lit
C.the circuit will become a parallell circuit.
D.the other bulbs will turn off

10.Carrie observes a blue object. Which color(s) of light does this object absorb?
C.all colors except blue
D.all colors


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    right on the last two.

    On the first one, I wonder if the author knows physics. How can the room be a closed system if electrical energy is entering? Duh, and double duh.

    Ignoring that mental flaw, if electricity is entering the room, the total energy in the room is increasing. I suspect your "teacher" had some unknown purpose for this question.

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    Hmmm, I wonder. Well thanks :D

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    1: the answer is a. It remains constant.
    The other two are right.

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    NUMBA 1 IS B
    NUMBA 2 IS D
    NUMBA 10 IS C

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