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11. Excluding Alaska, find the lowest temperature in the United States for the following date _________ (April 2nd)
Express your answer in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Also include the place where the temperature
was recorded

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    This seems to me to be more about how to use a search engine than about math.

    On April 2 of THIS year, the lowest temperature in Alaska was -23 F and occurred at both Bettles and Tanana. That was easily found using Google, and is traceable to an article in USA Today.

    Perhaps that is what they are looking for. I assume that you how to convert that to degrees C

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    I looked and couldn't find anything on the internet about the lowest temperatures on April 2nd in the U.S., excluding Alaska.

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    I apologize for misreading your question. I missed the word Excluding before Alaska.

    At this website, the lowest temperature on April 2, 2009, is also reported for the LOWER 48 states. It was 0 F in Gunnison County, Colorado.

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