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I need to balance the equation and show my work. Ex.
N - 2.4 = 5
+2.4 = +2.4
N = 7.4

How would I show my work for:
2.3 + 4.09 = N

I know the answer is 6.39 because I add 2.3 and 4.09 but how do I show the work? Thanks

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    For simple addition of two terms, it is usually fine to just show the result. For example:

    2.3 + 4.09 = N
    6.39 = N

    (And if you want, change the sides so that N is on the left)

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    But, if you feel you need to show the addition step, then you could do something like this (the vertical addition will probably not line up here)

    2.3 + 4.09 = N

    + 4.09

    6.39 = N

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