Physics (Simple Frequency Question) Reply SOON!

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I know that...

wavelength = velocity * frequency
frequency = velocity/wavelength

If I have the voltage and the wavelength, does the voltage count as the velocity to find the frequency? If not, how do I find the frequency when I know the intensity, wavelength, and voltage?


  • Physics (Simple Frequency Question) Reply SOON! -

    The first equation is wrong.


    No, voltage is not velocity.

    frequency is gain, velocity/wavelength. Is there some reason you do not thing the velocity is the speed of light?

  • Physics (Simple Frequency Question) Reply SOON! -

    I'm doing a lab report on the photoelectric effect. I forgot about the velocity of light! I guess I can assume the values of the experiment in a vacuum, hehehe. Thanks! :) That makes it sooo much easier...

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