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study of sunspots. spots in a year min. is 10, max is 110. between max's of 1750 & 1948, 18 cycles occurred. Find a sinusoidal equation to model this.

My equation looks something like this so far:


so How do I get the phase shift? d? I am confused about what would be x and y to plug into the formula and find d? Because the max occurs at 1750, but what would be the x and y values to sub in and why?

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    y=50sin( 2pi(x-d)/11 )+60
    when x = 1750, you have a max and sin (2 pi(1750-d)/11) = 1
    or 2 pi (1750-d)/11 = pi/2 (90 degrees for max of sin function)
    1750-d =11/4 (in other words a quarter of a cycle after start)
    d = 1750 - 11/4

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    How did you get 1750-d=11/4?

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    I mean, so would d = 1747.25

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