posted by Lena

In my concluding paragraph of my essay I was thinking of doing this:

In conclusion, it is evident that THESIS.

I don't really know what to say after I've restated my thesis.

  1. GuruBlue

    The conclusion... essentially says because point A, B, C (etc) are true, then the thesis is true. Then the last part of the conclusion broadens to say what you have learned on a broader level - an attention getter.

    Check this site.

  2. Lena

    One of the points said to relate your first paragraph to the thesis but I have three paragraphs with three different arguments.

    THESIS:The unhealable wound inevitably brings forth the hero's downfall during his journey.

    - love brings forth the hero's downfall
    - trust " " " " "
    - vanity " " " " "

    Would I just restate this?

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