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for my history assignment i have to write about immigration...i'm writing how immigration is good for the United States.
can some one please give me some points on its benefits and drawbacks. so i can include it in my writing.
thanks to anyone who can help :)

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    Please study the information in your book. If you post your ideas, we'll be glad to comment.

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    i believe that legal immigration is good for the U.S. and throughout the centuries it has had a very positive effect in leading U.S. to where it is today

    advantages:It attracts people who have qualifications which are not abundantly and readily available in U.S thus increasing the brain power of the country.
    it attracts people of different countries and cultures enabling the U.S to be what is called a melting pot of the world where all the cultures can be seen.
    it promotes harmony between people of different parts of world when they live together.
    it promotes cultural enhancement and knowledge.
    it helps the economy in a lots of ways to increase the tax base, increase competitiveness and the wealth of the country.
    it gives U.S the advantage over the world in economic terms due to the size of the country because of it’s population.
    it increases consumer spending and wealth.
    it allows all the parts of the country to be inhabited and for their economies to flourish.
    it unites families that are in different part of the world in one country.
    It creates a better political condition in the country with the involvement of different people from different parts of the world.

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    disadvantages:It results in over population and lack of resources.
    It can result in people having criminal background and malifide intentions to enter the country.
    It results in less protection of the borders of the country.
    It makes the job of the Federal government and it’s agencies who monitor and process documents more difficult.
    It gives disadvantage to those who have been living here for a long time since the new comes are willing to compromise on wages and lifestyle.
    It results in overcrowding of metropolitan areas.
    It results in increase criminal activities.
    It can result in un-even distribution of state resources amongst communities.
    It creates tensions between communities who see the immigrants as encroachers on their resources.
    It results in the wealth of the country to a certain extent being transferred overseas by the immigrants to their home land and families.

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