9th grade Math

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ok I need help with this math question and will need help with a few others after this one is answered.

-8=y/4 <-- Y over 4

i think Y = 2 but idk help me

  • 9th grade Math -

    -8= (y/4)

    so multiply both sides by 4. On the right side the 4's will cancel and on the left it will be -32.

    -8 = (y/4)
    -8*4 = (y/4)*4
    -32 = y

    Hint: Substitue your answer back into the original equation to check your work. So in this case check, does (-32/4) equal -8? Yes!

  • 9th grade Math -

    first, you should multiply bothsides by 4
    soo..... -8=y/4
    *4= *4
    the right side cancles the leftside equals -32

    so y=-32

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