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i really need someone who is fluent in arabic to translate something for me

"for what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the entire world and lose his only soul?"


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    As far as I know, we don't have an expert here in Arabic. Try to find a person, but if you can't, something here may help you. Keep in mind that translation sites never work well.


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    hloo my saadia abd alme why like beautiful why like woman you have you gil

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    ÈãÇÐÇ íäÊÝÚ ÇáÇäÓÇä áæ ÑÈÍ ÇáÚÇáã ßáå æÎÓÑ äÝÓå
    sorry did I answer your question

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    ÈãÇÐÇ íäÊÝÚ ÇáÇäÓÇä áæ ÑÈÍ ÇáÚÇáã ßáå æÎÓÑ äÝÓå

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    I am extremely sorry I wrote it but it did not work I am extemly sorry

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