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I'm having problems with this question, to tell you the truth I don't understand the problem.

Andrew is considering building a clubhouse in the shape of a rectangle. His sketch of the clubhouse is.... (its a drawing of a rectangle with 8 ft at the top and 4 ft on the left end)What would the area of the clobhouse be? I answer 24 ft.
The next question asked ....
on one wall of the clubhouse,Andrwe wants to cut a large circular opening to be a window. The circle radiusis 2 ft. What will the circle circumference be? (This is what i don't understand) Please help me!!

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    cirsumference of a circle equals 2*pie*radius

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    If the clubhouse is 8 feet by 4 feet, the area wouldn't be 24 feet.

    8 * 4 = ?? sq. feet

    To find the circumference, multiply Pi times the diameter.

    C = 3.14 * 4
    C = ??

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    by multiplying 8 by 4 is 32ft?

    C = 1256

    if this is the right answer, I still confused, please help me understand

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    Yes. The area of the clubhouse is 32 square feet.

    But you're way off on the circumference. Where does the decimal point go?

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    C= 12.56

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    Right. The circumference of the circle is 12.56 feet.

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