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Below you will find 8 examples of thesis statements. Some a good examples and others are poor. Identify whether each statement is good or poor and your rationale for each decision. Participating in this exercises by not only stating “good” or “poor” but also sharing your rationale will earn you a participation point for week five.

1) I'm going to tell you about Edgar Allan Poe and how he wrote Gothic Horror.

2) Edgar Allan Poe's strategic use of light and darkness in "The Raven" symbolizes the emotional extremes of the narrator's intellect and soul.

3) The rhyme scheme in Coleridge's "Kubla Khan."

4) There are a lot of things that were unusual about magic realist writers.

5) The French decadent writers of the late 19th century denounced nature as the originator of art and promoted "the artificial" as supreme artistic inspiration.

6) Many of the beat generation writers, most notably Jack Kerouac, wrote about the rebellious Jazz movement, a musical parallel to their literary rebellion of post-war suburban hypocrisy.

7) Tom Robbins is a contemporary author that is very popular among fans of wacky philosophical fiction.

8) Mary Shelley was the most famous female writer of the British Romantic Period.

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    Please tell us your ideas and we'll be glad to check them and comment on them.

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