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How would I begin to simplify this??


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    WOW well first u would start your way well find what is in the parentheses like do n+1 and work your way up. Remember PEMDAS

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    So far I got it down to ((4/3)n^3+(11/6)n^2)/((4/3)n^3)+(2n^2)+(2/3)n.

    Would I be able to cancel out the ((4/3)n^3)? So that it would be ((11/6)n^2)/((2n^2)+(2/3)n)?

    Or can I simplify that even futher by combining the n^2s?

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    hi,about how long or tall is a recliner? 80ct tall,8ct.tall,80meters tall or 8meters tall?

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    im bad at this stuff

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