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true or false:arts in the region include landscapes paintings calligraphy weaving carving and pottery making.

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    What region?

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    the chapter is about east asia and southeast asia

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    please help me (emergency)

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    In such a broad area, the answer must be true. What do you find in your book?

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    thank you and it says that craftspoeple in east asia and southeast asia are also skilled at weaving carving and making pottery and that's all i could find for that

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    If your book doesn't mention calligraphy, landscapes, and painting, the statement may be false. However, the Chinese are noted for these things.

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    true or false:in this region learning is viewed as dangerous to society.the region is east asia and southeast asia please help!!!!

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    well ms.sue the book does mention calligraphy and landscapes and paintings sorry i may have missed that part

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    OK -- so your first statement is true.

    What does your book say about learning in this region?

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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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    what do you meen?

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    Sorry i will type you another time
    i gota go.Thank you so much i know you only answered one question but i have it done.My older brother helped me and,i asked him earlier but he wouldnt help but since he wanted to get on the computer so bad.... laugh out loud!!! but thank you so much talk to you tomorrow.

    P.S your my hero if i did not get that done i wouldve gotten a zero and an f right know i cant afford an f thank you.!

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    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

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