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please check these
1. in 1992, Carol Moseley-Braun became the first African American woman to
a. run for Vice President
b. be appointed to the Supreme Court
c. be named Attorney General
d. win election to the United States Senate


2. In their 1994 Contract with America, Republicans pledged to
a. renew the "Star Wars" initiative
b. end federal welfare spending entirely
c. balance the budget
d. increase taxes


3. In foreign affairs, perhaps Nixon's greateast accomplishment was
a. abandoning realpolitik, or practical politics
b. bringing about detente with the Soviet Union and with China
c. establsihing the People's Republic of China
d. ending the Vietnam War with a resounding American victory


4. To which groups did George Wallace target his campaign?
a. southerners and blue-collar voters
b. Republicans and left-leaning Democrats
c. campus radicals and antiwar forces
d. professors and editorials writers


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