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if 0< theta < 90 and tan theta equals pie3/2, find cos theta.i put 2/pie 7 but i was wrong please correct.

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    I don't know what you mean by
    pie3/2 and by 2/pie 7

    do you mean 3pi/2 ? or ???
    2/pie 7 is even more confusing.

    remember tan(theta) = opposite/ adjacent

    so you can form a right-angled triangle in the first quadrant, fill in those two sides, then use Pythagoras to find the hypotenuse.
    And cos(theta) = adjacent/hypotenuse

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    my nswers was 2/pi7 but i ws wrong

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    you did not answer my question.

    What do you mean by 2/pi7 ???

    do you mean 2/(7pi) ? or (2/pi)(7) ? or ...

    write it as (numerator)/(denominator)

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    sorry my nswer was 2/(7 pi) but it ws wrong

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