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I'm trying to find some quotes that talk about the power of the individual, especially in relationship to the government. I'm writing a paper on why mandatory military service prevents people from achieving their own goals, some of which, such as a firefighter, a teacher, or a doctor, are just as important as a soldier. I'd like a quote that explains about how much the individual can accomplish, and why the government should never extinguish that right. Thanks for your help.

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    Look here:

    Now on the right, you may want to read the article on National Service, which allows other than military service.

    Being a mom is just as important as being a soldier, that is not the issue. The main issue I see is the obligation for citizens to do civic service for their country (fellow man). There are arguments pro and con, and military service is just a part of it.

    In the US, the draft has been historically unfair in its selection. Rich kids got off (See George W Bush, Dick Cheney), poor kids went to war.


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