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What is a Revolution? (#2)

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Failure of the Government to Meet with the Demands of the People
The main role of any government is to serve and lead its sovereign people towards improvement. This can only be achieved through proper communication with the people its supposed to serve. The failure of the government comes in when it no longer sees the people as top priority. This usually happens when the leaders put themselves first and work in order to attain their personal goals.

A Unanimous Realization of the Need for a Major Change
This is the very essence that motivates any revolution. Reform is the key word. A revolution may choose as its object a political transformation, a social transformation, or a simple change of ruler. This unanimous realization serves as the uniting factor of subordinate groups in their attempt to transform the social foundations of political power.

A Want for Freedom
This is the common yearning of those who fall victim under abuse. When ones plea upon being violated is not heard, these people are most likely to protest.

What would be a good introductory and conclusion paragraph.

Heres my intro and conclusion

The portents of change can take many forms. However, change to society is often met with criticism and resistance. When such reforms are challenged, the disaffected society takes revolution as its harbinger of change.

Understanding the harbinger must include understanding the message. To understand the revolution, one must first understand the "ingredients" or circumstances surrounding the birth of a revolution.

Whether successful or not, revolution always brings about decisive change in government, thus fulfilling the chief characteristic of the said revolution. However, if the change is not satisfactory, chances are events will repeat themselves and cycle towards a new revolution.

In conclusion, revolution comes as a tool for the masses. An ineffective governing body will assuredly come under intense scrutiny. If the will of the people is not followed, then a government, no matter how strong, will fall under its own corruption.

thank you very much.

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