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There are 5 situations below. Can someone please match the situations up with the threat. These would be in a quasi-experimental design. The threats are history, maturation, mortality, testing, and instrumentation threat. THANK YOU!

A. Kindergarten students who were identified as having difficulty staying on-task were placed in a special class to avoid disrupting their more attentive peers. The special class included an intervention to improve attention span. After 6 months, students in the special class were performing no differently on measures of attention than their peers.
B. The local university starts a freshman orientation program to reduce binge-drinking. During their first semester, the campus police also begin ticketing and fining under-age students who are caught intoxicated while on campus.
C. A literacy intervention for adolescents is implemented in a local school district. The effectiveness of the program is assessed using a oral reading fluency test, which is administered by each student's homeroom teacher.
D. An intervention intended to improve performance on the state graduation test began with 150 participants who had failed the exam on the first try. Only 75 finished. The 75 finishers performed better on their second try on the exam.
E. The state correctional institution implements a Web-based counseling program for inmates with substance abuse problems. To measure whether the program is effective, the Adult Substance Use Survey is administered to the inmates on a bi-weekly basis. Over time, the inmates show a significant decrease in their survey scores.

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