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posted by Chopsticks

Does anyone here speed read? I can do a little bit, but I can comprehend what I read too well when I try to speed read. All I can do is read the words then forget everything. Any tips? Or is that the negative thing about speed reading?

  1. PsyDAG

    Here is an article that might be helpful:


    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

  2. Chopsticks

    I was thinking the same in that article. I guess I'll throw speed reading out as a way to read things from now on.

  3. bobpursley

    No. You have to learn to do both. There is not need for comprehension to drop significantly. You need to learn that there are reading rates for leisure, and study. You have different speed reading rates for each.

    Take a recognized speed reading course. It takes training your eyes and mind.

    You can try this for free. Ask your mom to try it also, maybe she will buy it. Also, call your library, sometimes they have these to check out.

  4. Chopsticks

    So for leisure, speed reading is recommended?

  5. Count Iblis

    Chopsticks, I made a text for you that is difficult to read if you try to read it slowly. The faster you try to read it, the easier it is to understand.

    Here is the text:

    Aynodby got Ombaa ovodsere?

    Apaerpntly Obmaa tihnks so.

    "I know that many of you are teird of seneig me," Oabma said to leareds of the Eruepaon Uoinn. "You're tkihnnig, `When's he gnoig to go back home?'"

    In his fsirt mjoar saslph aarobd as psidneret, Ombaa has, in fact, seen ptleny of such Eepuaorn aellis as Birsith Prmie Meitisnr Gordon Bwron, Garemn Chlneolacr Agenla Mkeerl and Fnecrh Pdrseneit Ncoials Sakrozy.

    Tohse gruop phoots are arleday pinlig up.

    Sicne Wdaendsey, Oabma cnmdoeamd iontinenaatrl aittenton in Elnngad diurng a smmuit of major eeionmcos, tehn did the same at the NATO suimmt held in Frnace and Gamrney, and tehn aigan in Pagure wrhee the Erpouean Unoin mbremes geethrad.

    Ombaa aslo noetd his paittoenl orerpsexovue in a phtoo op Sanudy wtih EU Csimoiosmn Pneeisdrt Jose Meuanl Brraoso.

    "Hlelo, evbrdyoey," the pneisredt siad. "I hope you're not treid of me by now."

    He's not dnoe yet. Omaba wlil be in Tekury on Moandy and Tusdaey borfee cnapipg his eight-day juroney.

    Mchellie Obama's satr, a caiinootbmn of gumaolr and esay wmrath that semes to be both counonnfdig and uelttry chnrmiag Epunoeras, has amsolt ooesvdeawhrd her hnsubad's.

    So Oamba ecoehd Pseeinrdt John F. Keenndy's faumos line auobt his wife drniug tehir incoic Epauoren trip in 1961, wehn Jikace Kneendy stloe the show by wwonig Eruope and the world. It was Mrs. Kednney's fsirt pdtsieniearl tirp to Fcrnae, and her rcepiteon led her hbunasd to intrcuode hmslief as "the man who aamcnocepid Jneiuaqcle Kedenny to Piars."

    In Puarge, Obmaa said: "Tdoay, I am puord to snatd hree wtih you in the mlidde of this great city, in the cetner of Epoure. And to paahasrrpe one of my pdcsoreeesrs I am aslo pruod to be the man who borhgut Mlieclhe Omaba to Pgaure."

    Mrs. Omaba was rturineng to Whntoiasgn form Pargue, mnkaig it her last stop of the trip. Ombaa was cnuinoitng on to Tureky for two days of evnets.

    One of the pnrieedst's top adies siad Oabma had lnog ago rsigeend hlsmeif to tvianerlg in his wife's sdohaw.

    "Milclehe Oamba has fnas all aroscs the wrold, but trhee's no gaeetrr fan than the peendrist hisemlf," seionr avsoidr Dviad Axlerod said in a CNN ivireentw. "And I thnik, you know, he's happy to bcak in her rceetfled glow."

  6. Chopsticks

    GAAA Haha. I'm trying it to read it right now its extremely hard. My brain automatically corrected some of the words though.

  7. SraJMcGin

    Speed-reading is like most skills. It takes practice but be sure you learn to speed-reed WITH comprehension!


  8. Chopstick

    I think I'll just start speed reading everything from on now then.

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