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1.a. which countries remained neutral during World War II?


(please correct me if i'm wrong)

b. How did Britain's location help that nation to avoid a German invasion?


c. why might it have been a mistake for Germany to have broken its pact and invaded the Soviet Union?



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    Your first answer is right.

    Look at a map of Europe and find Britain (the U.K.). What separates Britain from the rest of Europe?

    What good did the invasion of the Soviet Union do Germany? What did Germany gain or lose?

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    some sea separates Britain from the rest of Europe? (norht sea?)

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    Yes. That part of the North Sea that separates Britain from the rest of Europe is called the English Channel.

    Obviously, it's easier to launch an invasion of thousands of soldiers over land rather than across water.

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    i'm still stuck on the last part

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