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any ideas on how to tesch young learners alphabet and prepositions?(they are foreign language learners)

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    alphabet and Prepositions? I don't know if I would teach both at the same time. One has to learn to eat solid foods before taking on cakes.

    Alphabet: If the kids are very young, songs work well.

    Prepositions: Use a Picture of a rock. Then put preposition around the rock (above, below, in, thru, from)

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    The word "English" has a capital E on it. All names of languages do. If you're going to teach English, then you need to set a perfect example for your students.

    Go into the Kids link to see if there's anything there you can use.

    Start with the easy links.

    This online book goes into the theory and practice of teaching a second language to others -- from children on up.

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    Thank you:)I don't have to teach them both at the same time.Next week I have to teach them the alphabet.It is actually a revision.

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    Bobpursley is right -- use songs and all kinds of visuals. You not only want them to learn the alphabet, but also the sound(s) that each letter represents. Visuals and sound (songs) will help greatly.

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    To cover every style of learning, be sure they HEAR what you want them to learn, that they SA/REPEAT it and the very last step is to WRITE it. Then you can go around the room, each student giving the next letter of the alphabet or skip around the room. You can try the alphabet song.

    Here's the song; the last letter is pronounced "zed" but you can easily change that to "zee."


    Here is a much slower version, with "zee" at the end:


    This site will give you information about the song:


    Here is JUST the music:


    Here is another idea with the song; students give a word that begins with that letter:


    They can trace or draw the letters; any child's book with the alphabet.


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    Here are 5 ideas on how to teach prepositions to your students:

    (Broken Link Removed)

    Try TPR (Total Physical Response) using prepositions. One idea is a box and an object (blackboard eraser works) = put it ON, BESIDE, UNDER, IN, etc. Don't be afraid to be creative! Even commands such as "sit DOWN, stand UP, etc.


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    P.P.S. Just enter what you are looking for in a GOOGLE Search to find things like:



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