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how to complete the square for
can you plz help me, and any help is greatly appricieted.
thnx a lot for your effort.

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    always factor out the coefficient of the x^2 term, unless it is already 1
    this guarantees that it will be just x^2

    = -2[x^2 - 3/2 + ...] - 1
    now take 1/2 of the coefficient of the x term, square that result, and then add and subtract it

    1/2 of -3/2 is -3/4, which when squared is 9/16

    = -2[x^2 - 3/2 + 9/16 - 9/16] - 1

    your first 3 terms inside the bracket are your "perfect square"

    = -2[x - 3/4)^2 - 9/16] - 1
    now multiply through by the -2

    = -2(x - 3/4)^2 + 9/8 - 1

    simplify the end part

    = -2(x - 3/4)^2 + 9/8 - 8/8
    = -2(x - 3/4)^2 + 1/8

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    the middle term should of course be (-3/2)x in two of the above lines.

    I am pretty sure you know where the typo error is.

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    r u there gagan

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