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I am in a college level math class and we have a question that I am suppose to answer however I looked for this in our text and online and I am not finding a direct answer to it. Here is my question, What is the meaning of the word "parameters"? Please identify a real world example or everyday situation you encounter where you have parameters you have to deal with. Provide any applicable equations and examples explaining your response.

I realize that you are not to answer stuff without me putting my own answers but I just am at a loss as to what to put. I am not sure which direction to go in with this. Please help. Thanks

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    A parameter is like a variable, but it for any set of circumstances does not change. But by changing it, one gets a family of solutions.

    Example in Math

    ax^2 + by^2=c

    a, b, c are parameters, depending on what they are, one gets circles, ellipses, or the "conics"

    In a everyday example (too complex for simple equations), take the My driving to the store. Time driving is the dependent variable (time to store), and speed is the variable. However, parameters would include: which car, which root, the time of day, ...

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    Thanks that helps.

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