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8th Grade Algebra

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10) a. A recipe for pizza dough says to use a 10 in. by 14 in. rectangular pan. Jake only has a circular pan with a 12 in. diameter. If Jake makes the pizza in his circular pan, will the crust be thicker or thinner? Explain.

b. Suppose Jake wants to make a round pizza that is exactly the same thickness as the 10 in. by 14 in. pizza in the recipe. What will the diameter of the pan have to be? Is Jake likey to find such a pan? Why or Why not?

I am so confused, please help me!

  • 8th Grade Algebra -

    a. Calculate the area for both pans. The pan with the smaller area will have the thicker crust using the same amount of dough. Remember that the area of a circle = pi r^2 = 3.1416 * r^2.

    b. The area of the square pan = 10 * 14 = 140. Then
    you would use the folowing equation:

    3.1416 * r^2 = 140

    This should help you to come to your conclusions. Thanks for asking.

  • 8th Grade Algebra -

    I am having problems understanding how to
    solve problems like the following:

    a2 + b2 = c2

    Please help me where I can understand solving problems such as the one above.

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