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posted by . calculate the percent by massof an element in a known compound, divide the mass of the element in one mole by the _______and multiply by 100%. A(n) _______formula represents the lowest________ratio of the elements in a compound. It can be calculated from a compond's percent composition.The ___________formula of a compound is either the same as its empirical formula
2.what is percent composition
3.what is empirical formula
4. what is molecular formula
5.what is the percent compition of the follwing:A=Cr2O3
6.determine the empirical formula of the compound with the percent composition of 29.1%Na,40.5%S,and 30.4%O

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    Too many questions to one post.
    Too many questions with no work shown.
    1. molar mass and
    empirical formula
    atomic ratio
    molecular formula is the same as the empirical (but you didn't finish the sentence) formula or a multiple of the empirical formula.

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