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I don't know what possible consequences to the society when someone fails to act responsibly while participating in skydiving, mountain biking, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, and skiing. I couldn't figure out what are the possible consequences to these activities. I really need your help.

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    Other people may be more careful when they hear how injured the person is.

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    If a person doesn't act responsibly doing these risky endeavors, s/he could be seriously injured.

    Society then pays for
    * expensive and extensive medical care
    * insurance rates may rise
    * special education may need to be involved
    * possible lack of functioning as a worker
    * possible government disability payments for a lifetime

    An example:
    About two years ago a young friend of mine, age 11, was skiing, hit a patch of ice and skied headlong into a fence. He was wearing a helmet, was acting responsibly, yet suffered a fractured skull and brain injury. After three or four surgeries and a two-week hospital stay, he seemed on the road to recovery. However, in recent weeks, his behavior has become erratic, even suicidal and he's having a hard time in school. Although doctors have run more tests and he's seeing a counselor, the prognosis may not be good. Will he be able to finish school? Will he be able to hold a job? Or has he suffered permanent brain injury that will affect him and society the rest of his life? All of this is expensive to society.

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