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please could someone help in re my homework is to say why baptism is different in different denominations . i have found that in a baptist church they only believe that baptism is for people that believe in jesus and they baptism people by total immersion. im struggling with the other denominations.

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    Here is Kyla's question and the response received:


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    Your real question centers on why there are different denominations, and they do things differently, and believe (or emphasize different things). Answer that question, and your why baptism is different will be answered.

    Why are there differing beliefs and practices?
    The reason is that they all take a differing interpretation to religious texts (Bible, and other documents).
    The second reason is that the religious practices have a different history.

    This is ONLY a beginning to answer the question.

    Baptism is just a small part of the differences. I have learned that for myself, I avoid churches who teach what they believe and what they practice is the ONLY way to God. Usually, this is a dividing line for cults.

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    well some people have different beliefs because some believe that we have different gods. like buddah, he was just a man who wanted to find out the meaning of life or death. confucis is what other people call a god because he emphasized the importance of education and learning. but their is only one God and that is the God in Heaven who knows the answers to all of your questions so put that on your homework assignment.

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    another reason why baptism is different is because we believe that Jesus died on the cross just so we could be forgiven for our sins.we believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that he was resurrected after his death.

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