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How does Seho look today?
He looks unhappy.
Do you know why?
Yes, I do.

1. His father passed away yesterday.

2. He cut his finger with a knife.

3. He had his arm broken on the road.

4. He was hit by a bicycle on his way to school.

5. He quarreled with his classmate today.

6. One of is classmates spoke badly of him.

7. He got the poorest points in
technical arts and homemaking.(This is a subject.)

8. He was the first in social studies in his class, but he became the 5th in social studies after the mid-term exam.

9. While he was palying soccer on the playground, he was hit by a boy from the other team. So he bleeded a lot.

10 He was scolded by his mother this morning.

(Would you like to check the sentences? I appreciate your help.)

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    #3 would be better, He fell on the road and broke his arm.

    John... we would say he made the worst grade or score, not he got the poorest points.
    Points really can not be poor.

    #8 would be better...He had been first in his social studies class, but became 5th after he did not do well in the social studies test.

    #9... He BLED a lot. The principal parts of "to bleed" are bleed, bled, bled (have, has, had)

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