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How does Junsu look today?
He looks tired.
Do you know why?
Yes, I do.

1. He studied hard for more than 3 hours.

2. He helped his mother clean the house on Sunday.

3. He went to a mountain and played with his friends all day long.

4. He rode a bike to Haeundae Beach and came back just now.

5. He walked to school from his house.

6. He went to his academy and studyed 4 subjects there.

7. He went to a study room and studied hard till midnight yesterday.

8. He wanted to be the first in score in his class, so he studied hard. That's the reason for that.

(Are the expressions all grammatical? Correct erors, please.)

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    #7 would be better. He studied hard in a studyroom until midnight yesterday.

    #8. He studied hard because he wanted to have the best grade in his class.

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    yeahh, number 6 you put studyed it should be studied and in number 7 idunno if your aloud to say till but in my schhool the teacher marks it wrong so i would put until just it case
    other than that i think it looks good?

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