9th grade Algebra

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how do i solve this?!?!


  • 9th grade Algebra -

    I would multiply the top equation by 5, and the bottom equation by 2

    then subtract the bottom equation (remember to change the signs)

    26x=182 solve for x.

  • 9th grade Algebra -

    alright i got x=7 but now what do i do?

  • 9th grade Algebra -

    Go back to either of the original equations, put in 7 for x, and solve for y.

  • 9th grade Algebra -

    so for example

    4(7)-2y=32 or -3(7)-5y=-11

    and then it equals 28-2y=32 or

    then what from their this is driving me insane!

  • 9th grade Algebra -

    add 21 to each side.

    divide each side by -5

    I think the answer is y=2,but you better check.

  • 9th grade Algebra -

    Yep, 2 is almost right, but not quite. Check to see why.

  • 9th grade Algebra -

    i honestly cannot not get this problem, i guess it wont kill me to miss 1 assignment

  • 9th grade Algebra -


  • 9th grade Algebra -


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