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I am doing a history project on marketing inventions from the 1800s. I have to create a poster that includes a catchy slogan for a factory system. (remember that it is from the 1800s.)
If you could help give me some ideas that would be great!!! thank you so much!
If possible, I'm trying to go for humor! :)
One of my ideas were something like,
"Slater's factory is in the lead, don't forget the 50% satisfaction guarenteed!"

Once again, thanks!!!

  • 8th grade history project -

    I think the one you said is perfect!

  • 8th grade history project -

    Haha, thank you; I was considering using that one if i couldn't find anything better. :)

  • 8th grade history project -

    does anyone have any suggestions or words that apply to this area that i could try to work together?

  • 8th grade history project -

    How about a poster trying to entice workers to work in a new factory? Remember, that up to this time, most goods were produced in small home workshops.

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    Oh my gosh! I didn't think of that!!! thank you SO much for the idea!

  • 8th grade history project -

    You're welcome, Coco. Good luck with your project! :-)

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