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need some ideas please:)what can you do with a text(7 pages long) that could last for 45 minutes?any ideas?which activities can you as a teacher give to your students?so i need 2-3 taks which you can do with the same text

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    Just what is the subject matter of this text? How can we give you ideas not knowing that?


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    i can choose a text.it is not important what the topic is.it can be anything.i just need some creative ideas (such as roleplay or skit or similar)

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    My classes did many activities, but they were specific to the material studying. So to me the topic was of utmost importance. You could have groups of 2, 3, 4 depending upon the activity. Here is a GOOGLE Search that may have ideas for you:


    Some ideas that "may" work for you:
    1. Pick some lines from the text in chronological order, write them on paper and have group s put them back into chronological order after you have shuffled them. You can also do that with words from one sentence.
    2. Have groups make up questions from the text for someone to answer them. You could do that in teams = boys against girls, one-half of the class against the other, etc.
    3. Let the students themselves create activities for the class to do. I found often the students had superb ideas that hadn't even occured to me!


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