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The potential differnece across a resistor is 4.4 * 10^2 V. If the resistance of the resistor is 1.8 k ohms, how much current flows throught the resistor?

R=1.8 k ohms
4.4*10^2 V

= 4.4 * 10^2
___________ = 2.44*10

1.8 * 10^

24.4 A

is this done correctly?

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    Of course not.

    440 volts divided by 1800 ohm is not 24 amps.

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    is it .24 amps?

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    yes, or 240mA

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    which answre would be apropriat for this question
    or .24 amps

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    MC, either is correct. The most common usage is probably 240mA, but it is no more correct than .24 A

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    ok, thanks

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