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Metals + cold water.

Li, Na, K, Ca.

Notes on reactions, equations or space? <<<< don't no what space or equations means. can someone help?
Also, say order of reactivity.

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    see equation 13.10 for these very active metal reactions.

    I have no idea what space means here. Equations mean what is the reaction?

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    Your cryptic question must be clarified if we are to help. Please amplify.

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    With Li, Na and K the reactions are exothermic [give out heat] and you would see flames and the metals would move vigorously on top of the water.
    The reactivity order is Li<Na<K
    so K is the most reactive.

    The reaction of an alkali metal with water gives a Hydroxide and Hydrogen given off.
    Here is the balanced equation for K
    2K + 2H2O -> 2KOH + H2
    2Na + 2H2O -> 2NaOH + H2
    You can do the one for Li now.

    For Ca the equation is slightly different as Ca has a valency of 2 so 2 OH- ions can attach which gives
    Ca+ 2H2O -> Ca(OH)2 + H2
    This reaction is less vigorous than the above metals [unless the water is hot in which case it's very vigorous]

    I don't know what 'space' means for this question but I hope the rest has helped.

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