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An iron ore sample was dissolved in hydrochloric acid and the iron was obtained as Fe2+(aq). The iron solution was titrated with 38.54 mL of 0.471 M Ce4+ solution according to the balanced chemical equation below.

Ce4+(aq) + Fe2+(aq) -> Ce3+(aq) + Fe3+(aq).

Calculate the mass of iron in the original ore sample. Please round your answer to the nearest hundredths place.

mol of Ce4+ = 38.54 mL x 0.471 M = 18.15 mmol
mol of Fe = mol of Fe2+ = mol of Ce4+ = 18.15 mmol
mass of iron = 18.15 x 55.84 = 1013.50 mg = 1.01g

Did I do this problem correctly. And did I round to the hundredths place appropriately?

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    it is correct.

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