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2051 kids were surveyed on how they earn money. 47% said parents gave them money, 32% said allowance, 45% said odd jobs, 26% said part-time jobs, and 11% said full-time jobs. Estimate the number of teens who made each of the response and then find the actual number of each and compare.

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    11 percent is ten percent with ten percent of that added..

    26 precent is about 1/4, th

    32 percent is nearly one third..

    47 percent is half minus half of ten percent of that.

    Now work out the actual numbers, and compare.

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    parents = p
    allowance = a
    odd jobs = j
    part time = h
    full time jobs = f

    all little less than half are p so about 1000, accurately .47*2051 = 964

    about 30% are a so about 600
    accurately .32*2051 = 656

    j little less than for p so maybe 900
    accurately .45 * 2051 = 923

    h a little more than 1/4 so around 520
    accurately .26*2051 = 533

    f a bit more than 1/10 so around 210
    accurately .11*2051 = 226

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