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1. WPM=130 means 130 words a minute. This is the similar reading speed of the listening test for first graders in middle school.

2. Write the second sentence in Number 2 in Italic script.

2-1. Write the second sentence in Number 2 in cursive type.

3. Arrange the following words in the correct order and write them again.

4. As in the example, write down the introductory passage of your friend.

5. According to the our language, write English sentences.

6. Referring to the following passage, write the introductory passage for your friends and family.

(Are the sentences above all grammatical? Thank you for your help.)

  1. Writeacher

    1. Sounds fine.

    2. and 2-1 -- I'd say "Italics" and "cursive," leaving out "script" and "type."

    3. Sounds fine.

    4. Did your friend write the introductory passage? Or is the introductory passage about your friend? If it's the former, then use "by" in place of "of." If it's the latter, use "about" in place of "of."

    5. I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean. Either "the" or "our" needs to be deleted, but I'm not sure what the sentence means.

    6. See #4 above.

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