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How will humans evolve?
What will happen to the natural world-and how will humans respond?
What will happen to the global population?
Will inequalities be solved or strengthened?
What will be the advances in medical science?
No more disease? More powerful viruses?
Where will we live? In space? Or beneath the sea?

Will life get better or worse for the human race. State reasons why so see the future as you do. What difference does it make if humans are special or if they aren't?

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    Humans, as all are other creatures, will undoubtedly continue to evolve until they become extinct.

    Beyond that, my crystal ball has clouded up -- so I don't know the other answers. I'll leave it to you to search your imagination, hopes, dreams, and knowledge to predict the future.

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    Will Space creatures invade the Earth?
    Will world peace be achieved?
    Will insects take over the world after humans kill themselves in Nuclear war?

    What is speculation? As I understand, no one knows the future. So write your vision, and your "reasons", as if reasoning applies. For me, it is much easier to digest the past, more difficult to understand the present, and impossible to predict the future.

    Good luck

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