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6th grade Math

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I don't get this question, can someone please explain it, thanks.

Heres the question: A lighthouse beacon can be seen 24 mi in all directions. What is the area over which the beacon can be seen?

- I think it's circumfrence, but I don't really know what to do.

Thanks, Bob.

  • 6th grade Math -

    The lighthouse beam is the radius of the circle. Since it can be seen for 24 miles, the radius is 24 miles.

    The question asks for the area. To find the area of a circle we multiply:

    A = pi * r^2
    A = 3.14 * 24^2
    A = 3.14 * 576
    A = 1808.64 square miles

  • 6th grade Math -

    Thanks Ms. Sue, you help everyone on everything, your a big help!

  • 6th grade Math -

    You're very welcome, Bob. :-)

  • 6th grade Math -

    what is the volume of 12 in
    10 in
    5 in

  • 6th grade Math -

    3.14 x 24=75.36

  • 6th grade Math -

    What is 1
    6 in a percent can you help me?

  • 3ud grade Math -

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  • 6th grade Math -

    12x10x5=600 the volume Felix

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