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Okay. sooo...i know that if you add flour to a substance it thickens up.But what can you add to a substance to thin it out (other than water...)

  • Culinary Arts...HELP!! -

    i guess it depends on what the 'substance' is, and then according to that you can see what would be the appropriate liquid to add
    that's what i think :)

  • Culinary Arts...HELP!! -

    Okay what if the substance is cookie dough...then what could i add?

  • Culinary Arts...HELP!! -

    What liquid did you use to make the dough? Many times the dough is meant to be thick and therefore very sticky. The following is a video where the dough is rolled out between parchment. I always used wax paper. That way you can turn the dough easily and even flip it over! You don't want to "work" the dough too much and make it "tough."


  • Culinary Arts...HELP!! -

    I used water and eggs.The dough did not turn out to be a good consistency so I'm debating over whether or not I should add more water or add milk or something...i have NO clue.

  • Culinary Arts...HELP!! -

    i think cookie dough uses egg, which would probably be the best thing to add. i'm not so sure about water

    milk could also do

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