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so for my work i have to pick a career choice and do some research on the basic information needed for that choice
for example: i am interested in culinary arts. ..can someone give me information like, how many years of college you must take, and what are the major subjects to focus on..what yu sould major in
what are some good colleges for this field in the state of Georgia
i don't really need internet links..i've done a lot of researching.
please if anyone can provide me with any related information it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Usually, this is not a college program, but rather than a vocational training program. There are some community colleges that have a solid associate's degree (in the Los Angeles area).

    You really need to love food, hard work, long hours, and have a sense of refined taste and visual sense. I recommend you try it at as a cook's helper for awhile. Be prepared to scrub dishes for several months.

    In the Atlanta area, these are probably the top schools.

    This field is not something that you get a degree and suddenly magic occurs, and you are a chef. Kneading dough takes strong arms, and the leavening takes time, before you can begin to bake.

    Visit a local chef, and stay out of the way.

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    so when you're in college,...what should you focus on most...like what subjects, or electives?

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    what i'm trying to ask is that, after highschool, what should be my next move?

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    When you're a senior in high school, be sure to follow Bobpursley's advice. Work in a restaurant's kitchen or at least talk with a couple of chefs. Visit and investigate local junior colleges and the culinary schools in his link.

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    ok, ..but, how do you get in touch with chefs?

    do they allow seniors to do that?

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    how do you get in touch with chefs?

    1. Go into a restaurant of the type you think you'd like to work in. Choose a time when it isn't very busy.
    2. Tell the waiter that you'd like to interview the chef for a school project.
    3. Be prepared to return at a time that's more convenient for the chef.

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    oh ok...thanks a lot! :D

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    but that is only for if i want to work with the chef right.

    like if i was interested in restaurant management, talking to the owner would be a better choicce.. right?

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