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how would i graph log3x the 3 is subscripted?

I remember that I had to make an X and Y chart and list the Domain and Range

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    Logarithms are the inverse of exponents. The base here is three and whatever to the right of the equals sign is the raised up exponent. You have the power to find coordinate point values by merely switching the input and output columns of this T-chart that you are mentioning. Come up with enough to plot a graph for the exponents and then just do a switcheroo (first (x,y) then (y,x)) in order to find what the logarithm graph would look like.

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    Can you show me how its done? I'm not very good at reading math directions and then figuring them out.

    Can you work it out for me please?

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    by the definition of logs

    if y = log 3x
    then 3^y = x

    so in making a table of values, pick any value of y and calculate x
    make sure you enter those values under the correct columns for x and y
    Keep you y values relatively small, since 3^y gets large in a hurry for positive y's
    I suggest using y = 0, ±1,±2
    if you have a calculator handy, you can of course use decimals for y as well
    eg. y = .25
    then 3^.25 = 1.316 = x
    so (1.316,.25) would be a point.
    Estimate its position on the graph.

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