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Writing Sentences and parahgraphs

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You’ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an
interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing
skills. The paragraph must describe one particular experience you’ve had that inspired you or guided
you to choose the type of position for which you applied.
Your audience is your potential employer and your purpose is to show you have thought carefully
about what and/or who has motivated you toward this career choice and why. In addition, you want
to convey your enthusiasm for this position as it relates to your inspiring experience. Take time to
think about what your audience wants to know and strive to reach a balance between informal and
formal business writing.
1. Prewrite about your field of study and create a specific job for which you might want to apply
at a particular business or organization in your area. Outline what that position would look like.
Brainstorm details, names, titles, and facts to provide depth to your paragraph and enable you
to write a polished paragraph.

I worked for a In Home Care Provider and my position as a homemaker was eliminated after 8 years. so I went back to school. After deciding I still wanted to work in the medical field. I went back to school I attended West Virginia University in Morgantown WV. One of my classes was in medical terminology, I also studied anatomy, physiology, medical transcription and coding. Another class covered health information laws like privacy, releasing information, confidentiality, going to court. After taking those classes I decided that I wanted to further my education in medical billing so I decided to take more classes, Some of those classes included Medical Billing, Insurance Form Preparation and Insurance Reimbursement. I enjoyed these classes very much. Some of my duties while I worked as a homemaker was, assisting clients with personal tasks such as dressing, care of appearance, reminding clients to take medications, meal preparation, and laundry. My most favorite activity was cooking for the client, and doing crafts with the client. I have also worked at a doctors office as a secretary, some of my job duties was answer the phone, schedule appointments, fill out insurance forms, and recorded medical charts.
My most favorite activity while working this job was the interaction with the patients. My last job was a medical billing / coding specialist for a company in Ravenswood WV. My job duties included Data entry of patient, provider, and payer type information with speed and accuracy. Ability to bill private insurance, Medi-Cal, Medicare, Medicare/Medi-Cal crossovers, Workers Compensation and private paying patients, billing primary and secondary payers and to post and balance payments into the Electronic Patient Management billing software system. Responsible for the correction of monetary amounts posted incorrectly to patients’ accounts or over payments as they appear on patients’ accounts. The reason I left my last job was because the company lost most of their cliental due to a company merger. The possibility of maybe one day becoming my own boss and owning my own medical billing office has attracted me to this kind of work.

  • Writing Sentences and parahgraphs -

    If this is your prewriting, then you have not followed the directions for prewriting above.

    But ... if you are following the directions BEFORE the word "prewriting," then this is fine. Nice and detailed. There was only one thing I noticed, and that is one of the sentences ends with a comma instead of a period. That's easily corrected. Do you see it?

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