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okay, so at the end of the year i have a japanese examination where i have to talk about one part of japanese culture. ( like an in depth study). I need something interesting to talk about. I sort of don't want to do cliche' topics like manga/anime, geishas, lolita.
So i was wondering if anyone could make a couple of suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ( preferbly a topic that isnt too hard and long to talk about)

~ arigatou~

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    Since you focused on what you think are cliche topics that had to do with men's views of women, you must have some interest in that topic.

    What about the evolving role of women in Japanese culture?

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    no not really, i just mean topics that most people do.

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    One of the most interesting events I discovered when living in Japan was the pearl divers. Here are a number of sites on this topic.


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    Without knowing your hobbies and interests, it is difficult for someone else to select a topic for you. Because I'm interested in music, I would select the different Japanese instruments: koto (horizontal harp), samisen (3-stringed), biwa (a kind of lute or mandolin), drums: tsuzumi, shakukachi, and the sho (flute-type). You could even find some sound clips to play. The more you can "touch" the 5 senses - sight, smell, taste, touch, sound, the more you can pique someone's interest.

    If you want a "show and tell" you could do flower-arranging. The basic pattern is easy to do (focus on 3: earth, man, heaven.)

    If you like sports, sumo wrestling, kendo.

    Once you select the topic we can help you further.


    P.S. Don't be afraid to use your imagination to "set the stage" so to speak! That's if you like drama --- you could even dress the part!

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    Speaking of DRAMA, you might do a presentation on either Kabuki or Noh theatre.

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    history of origami
    or the role that samurai played

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    the history of samurai would be really hard..to talk about in japanese ><

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    Talk about how the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki effected the culture and the beliefes (because most of the people believed suicide was ok durring that time like life was not important, they where promised if they commited suicide on the American war ships they would be saved.) but after the nuclear bombings they surrendered. So talk about their change in idea about the meaning of life.

    Just an example...

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